Medication related osteonecrosis (MRONJ)

Medication related Osteoradionecrosis of the jaw

MRONJ is a relatively new condition of which our understanding of its development and treatment are evolving. Patients who take or have taken medications such as bisphosphonates are at risk of developing this condition if they have surgical procedure including tooth extraction and endodontic treatment to the jaws. Bisphosphonates are used to treat people with osteoporosis, high levels of calcium and in the management of certain cancers. Other drugs such as denusomab, steroids, and certain cancer drugs have also been implicated in the development of MRONJ. MRONJ has a range of severity from a small area of exposed bone to complete destruction of a jaw. Research is ongoing to elucidate how best to manage this condition. Our surgeons frequently manage this condition and stay up to date with the latest research. Please make an appointment to see one of our surgeons at the Oral Cancer Institute if you have been diagnosed with MRONJ.

Talk to one of our surgeons at the Oral Cancer Institute about your options for bone grafting.

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